Monday, March 12, 2007

B16 to Youth: See Love in the Cross

Pope Benedict XVI recently told young people from across 12 cities of Europe and Asiat that the mystery of God's love is most fully revealed in the cross.

The theme of his talk was, "Intellectual Charity, Path for New Cooperation between Europe and Asia." The event was held as part of the 5th European Day for Universities. Via satellite, the Vatican Television Center connected those gathered in Rome with young people in Bologna, Italy; Calcutta, India; Coimbra, Portugal; Krakow, Poland; Hong Kong; Manchester, England; Manila, the Philippines; Prague, the Czech Republic; Tirana, Albania; Turin, Italy; and Islamabad, Pakistan.

Benedict XVI said in the message: "Intellectual charity can unite the existential journey of young people who, despite their living at great distances from one another, are able to feel united by their interior search and testimony." Putting his papers aside, the Pope added: "I should write a new chapter of my encyclical 'Deus Caritas Est,' on intellectual charity!"

Interrupted on numerous occasions by applause, the Bishop of Rome greeted the young people in various languages. At the end, the Holy Father gave the young people this advice: "Students, and with greater reason Christian professors, interpret all reality in the light of the mystery of the love of God, which has its highest and fulfilled revelation on the cross."

"Dear young people, I again entrust to you the cross of Christ: Receive it, embrace it and follow it. It is the tree of life!"

After the meeting, the young people present in the Paul VI Hall carried a cross in pilgrimage to LUMSA University, near the Vatican.

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