Friday, March 9, 2007

Going for a Walk

"Were not our hearts burning within us." These wonderful words from the post-resurrection story of the Walk to Emmaus are probably among my favorite words of all of Scripture. They encapsulate what an encounter with Jesus does to a believer - it leaves you with a heart on fire for love of Him and love for one another.

In just a few hours, I will leave for Wisdom House retreat center to begin our Walk To Emmaus Retreat for our Confirmation candidates. I am so very excited about this retreat. We have great kids, we have an awesome team, and I can feel God's anointing upon this retreat. I ask that all of you who read this blog please be a prayer warrior for us today and tomorrow. The retreat starts at 7 p.m. tonight (Friday) and ends with our 5 p.m. Mass tomorrow (Saturday).

As always it is through the prayerful support of the Christian community that these retreats work well. So, if you could continually offer two prayer petitions, I would be very grateful. Please pray that God will continue to anoint our team members so that their words are God's words for these youth; and please pray that God will continue to soften and open the hearts of our young people so that God's grace and message of love can get in, that they may see that there is another way to live; a holy way to live; a God and Christ-centered way to live.

We have about 80 youth on retreat and almost 40 team members. We thank you in advance for your prayers. Let us reach tomorrow with hearts burning for the love of God!

Pax et bonum!

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