Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Quotes of the day

I'm currently reading Pope Benedict XVI's new book Jesus of Nazareth. It is an awesome book. Stop what you're doing and run now to your local Barnes and Noble and buy it. An awesome teaching from our Holy Father. I thought I'd share a few tidbits with you.

On why Jesus needed to be Baptized by John:

"The significance f this event could not fully emerge until it was seen in the light of the Cross and Resurrection. Descending into the water, the candidates for Baptism confess their sin and seek to be rid of their burden of guilt. What did Jesus do in this same situation? Luke, who throughout his Gospel is keenly attentive to Jesus' prayer, and portrays him again and again at prayer - in conversation with the Father - tells us that Jesus was praying while he received Baptism. Looking at the events in light of the Cross and Resurrection, the Christian people realized what happened: Jesus loaded the burden of all mankind's guilt upon his shoulders: he bore it down into the depths of the Jordan. He inaugurated his public activity by stepping into the place of sinner. His inaugural gesture is an anticipation of the Cross...The Baptism is an acceptance of death for the sins of humanity, and the voice that calls out 'This is my Beloved Son' over the baptismal waters is an anticipatory reference to the Resurrection."


"John's baptism with water has received its full meaning through the Baptism of Jesus' own life and death. To accept the invitation to be baptized now means to go to the place of Jesus' Baptism. It is to go where he identifies himself with us and to receive there our identification with him. The point where he anticipates death has now become the point where we anticipate rising again with him."


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