Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It just doesn't make sense

Today, we mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in our land. I found myself today driving from New Hampshire (where I directed a retreat for Catholic school teachers) back to Connecticut. As I do whenever I'm on a long drive, I tuned the radio the NPR and listened into a show that I generall enjoy, Talk of the Nation.

Given the importance of this day, their topic was abortion related. But, I have to say never have I been as perplexed as I was listening to this show. It was first clear that the bias of the program was pro-choice and that abortion is okay, even a good thing. They were highlighting that there is currently a big concern for the care of women after they have had an abortion.

Now, let me say right out - I think this is a good thing. We never, ever, cast someone off because they have had an abortion. Rather, as church we always, always hold them in our arms and hopefully bring them to reconciliation and healing after such a tragic event.

But, here is the part that just baffled me. The women who called in one after another called in to talk about how they had tremendous feelings of guilt after having an abortion - almost every last one of them. They all called in to say that they had to come to terms with the fact that they had terminated the life of their baby.

The response of the people on the show? Well, the host told one woman, "You have nothing be ashamed about. You have nothing to feel guilty for." And the rest explained how these feelings were normal.

Here's my point - why can't they see the obvious. Pro-choice people like to make the point that this is not a life, it is just material and that woman are making a choice and not killing a baby. If their point of view is true, then why are all these women struggling with such guilt? Why are so many of these women left with feelings of guilt and shame? If this is just a medical procedure, why would they feel this way?

What astounded me listening to this program is that the reality of what abortion is was written in the experiences of these women who had abortions, and all these programs attempt to do is to try and find a way to convince them that what they know at the core of their being isn't true.

There is guilt and shame and bad feelings because it is the taking of an innocent life. That reality is written in nature. I want these women to find healing and happiness in their lives - but that will only come with Reconciliation and being restored to full relationship with God. This is something I have experienced repeatedly in the confessional and it is a healing that is true, cathartic and complete. How I pray that the world will come to see what lies right there before their eyes.

Lord, please give us the grace to defend the dignity of all human life - from conception to natural death and all the stages in between.

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  1. Sadly you're correct. Even as the science and technology gets better and better in revealing just what is involved, people close their minds and their hearts to the truth.

    Prayer and fasting: in other words PENANCE is what is needed to drive out these demons.