Saturday, January 12, 2008

We become what we receive

Onto the next article in Worship. This time by Nathan D. Mitchell in his "Amen Corner" on the Eucharist:

"In the West, in the early fifth century, Augustine (sermons 58 and 227) witnesses to the use of the Lord's prayer at the Eucharist in North Africa. Sermon 227 is an Easter homily that Augustine preached especially for the neophytes in order to enlighten them about the 'sacrament of the Lord's table' in which 'you were made partakers during the night just passed': 'That bread you see on the altar was hallowed by God's word; it is the body of Christ. That cup - or rather, what the cup contains, hallowed by God's word - is the blood of Christ. Through these, the Lord Christ wishes to entrust us with his own body and blood, shed for the forgiveness of sins. If you have taken this to heart, you are what you received. For the Apostle says, 'One bread, we many are one body.' Thus he interpreted the sacrament of the Lord's table: 'One bread, we many are one body.'"

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