Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Church is the one who dreams

NOTE: The more I hear from Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the more I like. He articulates the best of the church, as opposed to presenting an angry church which too many leaders and so-called faithful Catholics do today. This quote is absolutely inspiring and awesome!

"You know, the church is the one who dreams, the church is the one who constantly has the vision, the church is the one that’s constantly saying ‘Yes!’ to everything that life and love and sexuality and marriage and belief and freedom and human dignity—everything that that stands for, the church is giving one big resounding ‘Yes!’ The church founded the universities, the church was the patron of the arts, the scientists were all committed Catholics. And that’s what we have to recapture: the kind of exhilarating, freeing aspect. I mean, it wasn’t Ronald Reagan who brought down the Berlin Wall. It was Karol Wojtyła. I didn’t make that up: Mikhail Gorbachev said that...I guess one of the things that frustrates me pastorally is that there’s this caricature of the church—of being this oppressive, patriarchal, medieval, out-of-touch naysayer—where the opposite is true.”

-- Archbishop Timothy Dolan, in this profile in New York Magazine

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