Tuesday, May 30, 2017

10 Years of A Friar's Life!

So I just wanted to offer a word to acknowledge that this blog, A FRIAR'S LIFE, reached its 10 year anniversary a few months ago.  So grateful to all of you who are regular readers of the blog. It has put me in contact with people far and wide. I'm always amazed at the range of places people are accessing from.  Looking right now at the feed for example, people have accessed content from Brooklyn, the Philippines, KwaZulu-Natal, Japan, Auckland, Seattle, Oceanside (CA), Peoria, Gettysburg, Victoria, Goa, and on and on..

Each week of course, I share my homily that I offer in person in area parishes.  A full church will be somewhere between 300-500 people who hear a homily.  The average readership via this blog is about 1,100 people a week. So, in a real way, this is a big part of my "congregation".  Thank you for reading every week!!

Here are some of the highest read posts of the last 10 years:

  1. Pope Francis prepares sandwich for Swiss guard  (This by a huge percentage really grabbed people's attention)
  2. A possible response from US bishops to gay marriage
  3. How Christians should really respond to Caitlyn Jenner
  4. Putting on the apron of service
  5. A Pope in Brown | America Magazine
  6. Pope Benedict & St. Francis: He resigned too!
I've also enjoyed doing "Ask Fr. Tom" and should probably resurrect that one. It was always a great way to connect with your questions.

So, thank you for reading, and I hope you keep reading in the years ahead!!

Fr. Tom

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  1. Thank You, Fr. Tom, for sharing with us for 10 years!! It is deeply appreciated!! ❤️