Thursday, March 21, 2013

On Holy Thursday, Pope Francis will go to prison | Whispers in the Loggia

NOTE: As he continues to impress and to stir the soul, our new Holy Father Pope Francis is once again going to break with tradition. This time, as we begin the Sacred Triduum, he will not celebrate the Mass of the Lord's Supper at St. Peter's or St. John Lateran, instead maintaining the tradition that he followed as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, the Holy Father will celebrate the Mass in a prison, washing the feet of prisoners.  God bless Pope Francis as he rebuilds the Church!  The story below is from the blog: Whispers In The Loggia  - FT

In a sudden announcement this morning from the Holy See, Pope Francis has yet again turned Vatican protocol on its head – shredding the earlier plan of beginning the Easter Triduum in St Peter's Basilica, the new pontiff has instead opted to go to a juvenile prison in Rome to celebrate Holy Thursday's Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, at which he'll wash the feet of 12 inmates.

The opening chapter of the church's most sacred moment of the year, while the rite normally takes place in at St John Lateran, this year's Evening Mass was previously slated to happen in the Vatican Basilica as the new pontiff has yet to take possession of the Lateran – the "Mother and Head" of all churches, which technically serves as the cathedral of the bishop of Rome. 

Historically, at the Evening Mass the Popes have washed the feet of 12 retired priests of their diocese.

In its release, the Vatican noted that the later Holy Thursday Mass "is characterized by the announcement of the Commandment of love and the act of the washing of the feet.

"In his ministry as archbishop of Buenos Aires, [then-]Cardinal Bergoglio would celebrate this Mass in a jail, a hospital or a home for the poor or marginalized people," the release said (prior instances above).

"With the celebration at the Casa de Marmo [facility], Pope Francis continues this use, one that can only be characterized in a context of simplicity."

As previously scheduled, the Pope will still celebrate the mid-morning Chrism Mass – dedicated to the institution of the priesthood and the consecration of his diocese's oils for the year – in its usual venue at St Peter's.


  1. The Pope will be washing the feet of 12 elderly Priests who were already chosen for this some time ago based on information from the Italian website

  2. Anne, that was the old plan. This is the new plan. You can find the official story on the Vatican's news website: